Home Care Companies: Avoid These 5 Conversion Roadblocks On Your Website

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Own The Home Care Market In Your Area
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(Hint: If you're trying show why you're the
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Are you tired of paying for billboards and radio spots but not actually getting new customers?

  • Discover the 5 mistakes that almost every Home Care Company makes on their website

  • Learn what's happening on your website that's keeping your website traffic from converting to paid customers

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Stop throwing money away by avoiding these 5 critical mistakes

My name is Shannon Fox and I have been researching the options available for my aging family members over the past 3 years.I noticed a common problem with elder care websites.So I audited 30 Home Care Company Websites, and here's what I found...

  • 93% of them were making at least 3 crucial mistakes

  • 50% were making ALL 5 mistakes...

And now, I want to share everything I learned with you.

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Mistake #1: Talking Only About What You Offer - Here's what you should talk about instead...Mistake #2: Focusing On How You're The Better Option - Why you should actually create your own category, where you are the ONLY option...Mistake #3 Robotic Reviews - If you only have these type of reviews you’re missing a big opportunity...Mistake #4 Using "We" And "Our" More than "You" - Why using these 2 words is killing your conversion...Mistake #5: Not Giving Your Customer A REASON To Give You Their Email Address - The #1 mistake EVERY home care website makes when asking the website visitor to take the next step...